Finding a bar

I’ve been trying to find a “bar” for our dining room since we moved in. Not a bar you stand behind, but some sort of storage system for all of our alcohol Not like we collect booze or anything, we just really enjoy comsuming it. We also have very little storage space in the kitchen and I want to get it out of there.

I tried a LACK shelf from IKEA, but our walls just aren’t straight or flat enough to hang one level. The booze stayed on, but kepts looking like it was going to slide off, so I took it down a week after it went up. I really want an antique or MCM bar cart, one of those fancy ones with mirrors or a nice teak piece with tapered legs, but haven’t been having much luck on Craigslist and can’t afford one from a store. I just saw this, however, and am thinking it might work. However, it seems a little small (21.5″Wx15.5″Dx2.5″H,) but maybe two of them will work?

tray table


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  1. Found: The bar « A Browner Brown

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