Let there be . . .

The bulb burned out in my (standard issue) kitchen light the other day. I was home by myself, but feeling very handy, so I pulled out the step ladder, unscrewed the screws holding the glass cover on, and changed the bulb. Easy! However, I couldn’t get the screws to screw back in and hold the glass on again. When T got home, I had him try, but he couldn’t either (and he is very handy.) None of the screws are the same, and none of them seem to be the ones that are supposed to go with the fixture. So for now, this is what we have.


Since I’ve been wanting to replace that fixture anyways, now seems like a great time to do it. I posted before about what my dream fixture would be, but in reality, my budget for a kitchen light is about $50. I have a (mild) blue and white theme going, and I want to add more blue, so am thinking the fixture would be a great way to do this. One option I’m considering is spray painting this chandelier from IKEA blue.

ikea chandelier

but I’m just not sure. While I know it would work and would probably be cute, I kind of want something with a little more personality. So the hunt continues. (Suggestions are, like always, welcome.)


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