A great motto to live by

I’ve recently become obsessed with Queen Elizabeth (the current one.) I’m actually named after Queen Elizabeth I (my dad has this thing with history and that having a strong name makes you a strong woman) and lived in England for two years while growing up, so this is not completely out of left field. What really got me started on this current obsession, however, was the recent movie The Queen. Where am I going? Saw this on AT:SF today and instantly fell in love.

keep calm

So British, and so Elizabeth II. Also – just so great! I love art that is actually text (must be this combination art/writing thing I have going on in my head.) It also comes in plum and pear (this is peach) and is available for £25.00 + £6.00 shipping right here.


3 thoughts on “A great motto to live by

  1. sorry to be going comment crazy over here, but…

    i bought this like six months ago. it’s cute, but be forewarned: when it arrived at my apartment, the package was mangled and the poster inside was seven shades of fucked up. i sat for an hour and a half smoothing it out, and because i’m completely neurotic, every time i look at it i focus on the wrinkles.

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