West Elm Woes

I’ve been eyeing this rug (in cinnabar, the red color) from West Elm for a few months, and it’s now on sale. Perfect, as I have a gift certificate from Christmas that I can use to buy it. Except it turns out that I can’t use my paper gift certificate on their website. Or over the phone. No, I have to mail it in with a catalog order, or use it in a store, or do something really complicated with buying the item online with my credit card and then mailing them the gift certificate with my order number and they’ll credit me (I don’t really understand this option, so I may be explaining it wrong.) Can someone remind me what year is it again?

west elm rug


One thought on “West Elm Woes

  1. I bought the ancestral tribal rug from West Elm which was on sale in a size perfect for the floor next to my bed. I have heard good and bad re: quality of West Elm. I am big on excellent customer service and quality as described and love the rug and professional service I received. I’m only saying all this so you are not turned off to their merchandise as in my opinion they have the coolest and most affordable items on the web. Have you also seen CB2 website?? A Crate and Barrel offshoot. Also, I had considered a chandelier for my kitchen but without knowing the size of your kitchen or layout, I can say that, for me, the chandelier was wrong as it would hang too low and was just TOO MUCH. I chose, instead a flush light,long and sleek for my 50’s built home, which I bought at Lowe’s (about $70 and worth every penny!!) The light is perfect and the style as well. It is trimmed with nickel on both ends and really looks neat!!

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