Top Design, week 2. It’s all about the eye wear. (spoilers below)

Ok, I realize this is late, but I was too tired last night (Beauty and the Geek and Lost and then Top Design? Crazy TV night. But Thank God for TIVO, who made it all possible. And yes, I am a shameless TV whore.)


So. Todd was a little less animatronic this week. I think what happened last week was he just couldn’t make it to the set so they sent his robot replacement instead and hoped no one would notice.

Goil is obviously the best contestant. If he doesn’t end up in the top 3 I will be shocked. I’m really loving Carisa, however. She actually seems to understand the need to create designs that stand out. I mean “nice” just doesn’t cut it on TV. Hers was my personal favorite last night. Do we also notice that both Goil and Carisa have “cool architect” glasses? Coincidence? I think not.

Michael, however, who is trying to have cool architect glasses but failing, just pretty much sucks. As T. so succinctly put it “God, I hate that guy.” Someone please tell me how in the hell he owns his own design firm? My God is he annoying. And that room was totally assisted living facility. T.’s mom was visiting and we watched it together and she thought that comment from Kelly was hilarious. Also – his glasses look like he found them in his grandmother’s apartment. Are we starting to see a connection?

As far as [whats his names] win? Eh. I mean, definitely the most “kid” room, and props for doing that with so little notice. But I feel like if I was a 10 year old boy I would be so pumped to get that room, and when I then became a 12 year old boy I would be so embarrassed by it. As I’ve never been or will never be either of these things, this is all projection however. Personally, I just looked at it and thought, my god, it would cost his parents so much to redecorate when he grew out of it.

I also have to say something about Todd’s veiled hatred of Margeret Russel. He gushes about everyone else, the gets to her and pretty much says nothing, and it is hilarious. Also Liz Lange – why oh why have you never had dental work done? Isn’t your company worth a bazillion dollars? There’s only one reason you didn’t get that much screen time last night. The producers didn’t want to blind America with your teeth.

Overall, I want them to stop doing these curve ball design challenges halfway through the project. It’s like, just give them a hard thing to do and let them do it from the start. I don’t want to see half assed designs.

So, to conclude, I have hopes. I think they’re already better than Design Star (or whatever that other show was called) and I think there’s a lot of potential. The judges are amazing. Kelly’s polite chuckles at Jonathan Adler’s stupid punny jokes? Priceless. And Adler is really just hilarious, not in the way he thinks he is, but it just makes it all the more amazing. Have you read his blog? It’s like a cheese quesedilla with extra cheese and cheese dipping sauce on top. Amazingly delicious.


Really, I’m holding out for the second season, which is just always better on this type of shows. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t pull a Top Chef and keep Michael around cause he’s annoying.

See you late decorator.

ps. I just realized I didn’t write anything about whoever it was that got kicked off. And you know why? I just didn’t care.


3 thoughts on “Top Design, week 2. It’s all about the eye wear. (spoilers below)

  1. he really is a cheese quesadilla, and margaret russell is bad foie gras.

    and re: the quesadilla, i was thinking to myself yesterday that i would love to see a jonathan adler-designed mexican restaurant. can you imagine?

  2. that’s not a bad idea. i’ve made it my mission to become BFF with adler and simon doonan when i move to NYC. i won’t stop until i start getting absurd birthday gifts from them.

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