The Hunt: Laptop bag

Being the proud new owner of a Macbook Pro (probably the nicest thing I own in the whole world right now) I’ve found myself in need of a new laptop bag. Because a) why would I put my shiny new computer in an old laptop bag and b) it’s a very different size than my old and very sick 2002 iBook. So even if I wanted to use one of my old bags, it wouldn’t fit.

It’s really hard to find a good laptop bag.

My problem is that I don’t want a laptop bag that looks like a) a purse b) a briefcase c) a messenger bag. I just want one that looks like a laptop bag. It also needs to have a shoulder strap with some padding so it’s not painful to carry around. I also want one that is less than $75. Hello internet, can we be friends?

Loved these Acme Made ones over at Oh Joy! However, they’re twice my budget.


Thought about this one for a second, just because it was so cheap. But then I realized it was also ugly.


Came across this, which is so not for me, but would be perfect for my mom. Good to keep in mind for the future.


This was cute, but a) too expensive and b) just a little too hipster for me. Also, it didn’t have a shoulder strap (that I could see at least)


Thought about this. I like it, but I think it’s breaking rule c: too messenger bag-y.


I remembered this one from the D*S gift guide. Definitely cute, and the right price. But . . . it just somehow didn’t feel exactly right to me.



At this point, I have looked at hundreds of laptop bags. Possibly millions. And you know what? I came back to this:orange bag

It’s orange, which I love. It looks like a laptop case, not a purse, not a messenger bag, and not a briefcase. It has a strap with padding. It has some extra pockets, and a place to store my power cord. It’s also small enough that I can stick it in my backpack if I need to bring a lot of extra stuff with me. Yes, it’s inCase, which for some reason only sell though the apple store. I could have just bought it when I picked up the new laptop in the first place. Yes, it’s not exactly cutting edge design, but it’s functional and fairly cute. And, at only $49.95, it’s actually under budget. (I also found it in grey on Amazon for $10 less, but I’m color obsessed enough to pay the extra $10 for the orange.)




2 thoughts on “The Hunt: Laptop bag

  1. funny, i’ve been looking for a bag for my new macbook, too. i’ve been trying to use a self-fulfilling prophecy and tell myself i will find a louis vuitton briefcase the next time i visit a thrift store, but i’m afraid that might not work, and that orange case is just so, so cool. thanks!

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