I *heart* Amy Ruppel

Amy Ruppel is one of my favorite artists, and I absolutely love “Winter Wheat,” the little painting of hers that I own, seen here in a corner of my livingroom:


So of course I’m also loving the necklaces she’s designed with jewlery artist Amy Bengston. Ruppel and Bengston first started their colloboration this past fall, but recently came out with some new styles. My favorites are “Two Birds” and “Easter Necklace,” both of which are$125 and can be purchased here. They’re made out of silver and rosewood, and inlaid with mother-of pearl. Amazing.

two birds



One thought on “I *heart* Amy Ruppel

  1. LIZBETH, I am loving your blog. Your taste is totally in line with what I’m into and I love seeing what you come across on the internet! so cool. the pics of your apt. look so amazing… you’re doing a great job there. i miss you, let’s hang out soon. hope all is well. xo- taylor

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