felt goodness

T. and I are planning on taking our house shoeless as soon as we finish the entry hall. I know that shoeless houses are controversial, but I grew up in Japan and T. grew up in Hawaii, two places where it’s standard to take off your shoes in the house, so for us it seems pretty natural. And honestly, I’m a pretty lazy cleaner, and the less often I have to pull out the swiffer the happier I am.

I’ve already bought a bunch of hanging shoe organizers for the front hall closet, and plan on putting a pair of guest slippers in each one, which can then be replaced by guests shoes when they come in. I’m also going to have a basket of (clean) socks if people want those instead. We already have a chair in the front hall for people to sit down on when they’re removing/replacing their shoes. My main problem has been where to get the slippers. In Japan, where this is a common practice, slippers can be bought cheaply and in quantity. I’ve had a hard time finding anything here in the states though. And then I saw this pattern from Martha.


How cute are these? So my new project is to whip up about 10 pairs in various sizes and colors. Why only 10 pairs? Because even when we’re a shoeless house, we’ll let people keep em on for parties. Because who doesn’t love a good pair of party shoes.


2 thoughts on “felt goodness

  1. Or….you can order cotton waffle slippes, $6 from appearus.com…for the socks, buy plain socks and slip proof the bottom by writing something with fabric puffy paint by Tulip (info from MS magazine).

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