The hunt: new baby card (baby gifts part one)

I swear there’s something in the water, because right now I know four women who are pregnant and all of them are due between March and August. So I’m starting on my hunt for baby presents. First off, cards. I hate all the new baby cards at traditional places (Target, Papyrus, Longs, etc) cause they’re all too sickly sweet. So my internet addiction has really come in handy, and I think I’ve found something for every possible new baby situation.

Babies are neat-o from Pearl & Marmelade for $3. Great and retro feeling.


Also from Pearl & Marmelade, this A Startling Life card for $3.60. Not a traditional baby card, but what a great sentiment to welcome a new person into the world with.

startling life

This hello kids card from Papered Together is charming at $3.40.



Pink Bathtub Designs has a whole ton of cute baby cards. My favorites are the Shrimp note card (text – A little note, to say hi)


And the Starfish New Baby Note Card (inside – Congratulations on your new arrival!) both $3.50. Both are more traditional baby cards, but neither make you want to throw up a little.

starfish card

Same goes for this Little One new baby Card from Crescent Moon Paper Co. Adorable but not sickly sweet. And only $2.50.


And then, of course, there’s the amazing cards from O Plus D. These are the ones for your really close friends. The ones who will totally get it.



Top: #BB01, bottom: #TH04, both $3.75.

Remember, the card is half the battle with present buying. With one of these cards you could wrap up a plain white onesie and stick the cards on top and your present would still be so cute.


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