this is amazing

Sorry for the light posting today – I’ve been running around seeing friends and doing laundry and trying to find somewhere to get clean because our shower is broken and the manager of our building insists on hiring the sketchiest cheapest repair guys he can find so who knows how long it will be before I can shower again. We finally turned our hot water heater up so at least we now should have enough hot water to actually tak a bath. Anyways. On to the amazingness.

For those of you haven’t yet discovered listpic, man are you missing out. This this will change your world. No more hours of searching through Craigslist only to see ugly pictures – now you can just see the pictures and if it actually looks decent then you can look at the listing. This is the other thing that took up all of my time today. Check it out right now. I almost didn’t want to post about it, because I feel like I am finding the most amazing things, but hey, I can share a little.


ps. Thanks to the wonderfulness that is listpic, I’ve finally found my bar! It’s amazing, and I’ll have a full post with pictures of it sometime tomorrow, I promise. After the sketchy handy man leaves my house, because I feel a little nervous leaving him unattended for too long. I also need to make sure he doesn’t just slap another layer of sealant on the leaking pipes under the kitchen sink, because that didn’t work the first two times you tried it dude.


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