Top Design, week 3. Teams suck (spoilers)

Oh man. I just don’t know about this whole team challenge thing. I would just so much rather see 9 designs than 3. I realize this would be a big project for 1 person, but give them each a carpenter and a seamstress and an extra day, you know?

My thoughts on the three cabanas:

Tahiti – really beige. But nice curtains.

Miami – liked the slats. But also pretty beige, despite the neon green. Also a little Egyptian harem looking. I’m not even sure what an Egyptian harem looks like, but that was the first thing I thought when I saw it.


St Tropez – great silhouette of the structure, which then was totally disconnected with the stuff inside. Ooh, Jonathan Adler just said the same thing. We are destined to be best friends.

Also – why did the first two have mirrors inside? You’re on the beach. Do you really need a giant mirror? I think not.

I continue to love Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler. Margaret Russel looked a little greasy haired tonight. Also – did she get botox between the last episode and this one?

I also just watched the end again, and while I originally thought Kelly was wearing boots – on second look it looks like she was wearing knee highs with strappy heels. What?


My new least favorite contestant is Ryan. The whole “I’m a crazy rocker punk with a skateboard and I’m gonna do things MY WAY because I’m 35 but want to still be 17” thing is so so annoying.

Still not a fan of Michael, but he wasn’t on camera that much this week so it wasn’t that bad. At least they didn’t show him complaining.

Goil is still the best. And I still like Carisa. And Ryan totally pulled that team down. Cause he sucks.

Todd was way way better this week. He actually gave the designers advice, and seemed to connect with them much more. So that’s good, cause I really want to like him. But oh my god, have you seen his video blog? I will admit that I use my hands when I talk, but it’s like he’s trying to speak in sign language or something. Amazing.

The best thing about Elizabeth was that she had my name. I feel very whatev about her leaving. But they totally should have kicked off Ryan instead for picking out those ugly ugly chairs.

Has anyone else noticed that the “teaser” for next week is sort of always the same? It’s like “oh my gosh, big surprise! there’s a twist!” So I have no clue what the challenge could possibly be next week, but I am so pumped for Kelly’s crimped hair. I can already tell it’s going to be amazing.


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