Found: The bar

Yay! After months of searching craigslist for some kind of bar cart with style and personality (and in my price range) I found one with the help of my new favorite thing, listpic (which I wrote about here.)


It’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for – two levels, so that most of the bottles can live on the bottom shelf, and be a little less on display. Teak, and complements my danish modern dining set (also a Craigslist find.)

bar 2

It does have some sort of black (formica?) on the top shelf, which I have plans to cover up (in an easily reversible way – this will be my project this weekend.) T. actually likes the black, and I really don’t mind it, but I have something much cuter in mind.


It also has awesome (and what look to me like original) casters.



Notice the holes in the wall? – those are from the failed attempt to put an IKEA LACK shelf there. We just haven’t gotten around to patching them yet. Come on, it’s only been like . . . 3 months. Another project for this weekend.

So, now that we’re all set up – anyone wanna come over for a drink?


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