Handyman woes and painting expedition #5

Tomorrow is the day T. and I are going to paint our bedroom. Finally. There have been paint swatches on the wall for four months, and we picked a color and bought the paint about a month ago, so pretty much we’re right on schedule. It’s going to be an adventure, just like today was with the handyman. Who by the way, finally fixed the leak under the sink (yay!) but tried to fix the crumbling grout on the kitchen floor by doing no prep work and slapping a new coat of grout over it, which started coming out as soon as it dried. So we’ve been tracking around grout dust all day. Amazing. The landlord (manager) seems unwilling to actually fix it (re-grout the whole floor,) but did offer to seal it with silicone caulking. Which is going to be really amazing, especially after we actually walk in the kitchen for more than a day and dirt gets embedded in it.

Mmm hmm. Picture of the bedroom when we’re done tomorrow!



(pictures of our kitchen floor. which was “fixed” today.)


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