I had to share my dinner tonight because it was so excellent. T. has been experimenting with making cheeseless pizza lately, and this one totally took the cake. Why cheeseless? you’re probably asking. No, we’re not vegan. T. has a chronic kidney condition, and his new nephrologist (kidney specialist) has put him on a low phosphate diet, and dairy is on the “do not eat” list of foods. Which kind of sucks, cause if there’s one thing that I love, it’s cheese. Lots of cheese (and I still eat some dairy, but we try as much as possible to make meals that we can share.) Anyways, I’m starting to get used to the whole no cheese thing, and I honestly didn’t even notice that it was missing off of this pizza. It was that good.



(the toppings are portabella mushrooms, fresh corn, and spinach)


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