omop oh man

I am so excited. Method, one of my favorite brands of clean products, has come out with a swiffer clone. But not really a clone, because Method’s version, the omop, uses 1) non toxic floor cleaner 2) washable microfiber pads and 3) bio degradable corn based sweeping cloths. So cool. I admit I love my Swiffer Wet Jet, but don’t love the chemicles it puts in my house or the big plastic maxi pads you have to use with it. I am so going to Target today and buying myself one of these. Amazing. (via AT:LA.)





3 thoughts on “omop oh man

  1. Let us know how you like it. I also wanted one in the worst way, but what I love about the swiffer is its ability to get into tight and low areas and thought this Method mop might be too big….also, it uses expensive replacement pads for dry mopping.

  2. this product works very well. i just got last Saturday and I have to say it works great, the dry pads do a pretty decent job, the crumbs sometimes get stuck under the pad. The wet pad is also really easy and it does a good job. It really made my historic wood shine.

    Tiffany Brooks

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