hallway goodness

Take a look at this hallway. This is all stuff we’re getting rid of. Including the boxsprings and the Ikea thing. Although I need to sort through it all again because I’ve also been using it as a place to put stuff. This is how my afternoon is going to be spent. Sorting.




Isn’t the Organization Expedition going well though? Even the stuff I’m getting rid of is (kinda) organized!

Also – notice the paint. It’s that fancy new subtle metallic paint from Benjamin Moore. Spefically, BM Studio Finishes Metallic Glaze in Veil Cream PT-370. And it is a pain in my ass. We’ve already put on three coats and it still needs more. And now I’m not even sure if I like it. T. is sort of ready to kill me over this, because if there’s one thing he hates to do, it’s painting, and painting over something I already made him paint well . . . we’ll have to see.


One thought on “hallway goodness

  1. you don’t have to say bye to the metallic color, if you like it , I did it in my bedroom like this: first coat in regular bright yellow, second coaT I APLIED WITH A SPONGE the gold color,and then as the result was to dark for the whole room ,I keep it only in the wall were the head board of my bed was goin to be, and in the other 3 walls I did another coat of sponging in a cream white mix with glase(one tablespoon of paint and the rest was glase)the result is absolute beautifull the bedding is coordinate,over the bed in the wall Iput a sheer gold balance and another in the window, take as a reference the gold walls in the victoria secret store,by the way you probably have enought left over metallic color to do the proyet(because you have to mixit with glace) if you want you may begin by spongin a yellow or red color mixed with glase(you may have 1 tablespoon left over red and mixit with glase, for example)dont worry about shine,when glase drie is flat)you can esponge as mani coats and colors(no more than three colors)until you have a good result,…lowes.com

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