IKEA madness

T. and I took an impromptu trip to IKEA tonight on our way to Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries (we have to drive right past the big blue box to get to TJ’s.) Oh man, I love that store. I know that their stuff is mass produced and cheaply made, but man is it cute and cheaply priced. We actually refrained for the most part and only came out with two bags, but found some stuff to come back for later.

I did get a light for the kitchen, but I can’t find a good picture on their website, so I’ll post pictures tomorrow after we’ve installed it.

My favorite thing we got was this cake cover/fly cover/don’t know what it’s called. I can’t find it on their website, which is strange, but it was in one of the bins by the registers, so maybe those don’t get on the website


I love shit like this. Totally unnecessary yet totally cute. Off to watch Grey’s Anatomy and see if they actually have the balls to kill of Meredith. I’m hoping no, but T.’s hoping yes. We’ll see.


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