The Hunt: kitchen light fixture

A few weeks ago the light bulb in the kitchen burnt out, I changed the bulb, and now we can’t get the glass cover to fit back on. (I wrote about it here before.) I’m still looking for a light fixture, and while I was initially thinking chandelier, cause I love them and think that every room should have one, I have recently started thinking more along the lines of a standard/old school metal pendant. This is what I’ve found.


Pottery Barn Kids Marin Ceiling Lamp, $79. Comes in red, my new kitchen color.


Also from PBK, Large Metal Star Ceiling Lamp, also $79. Also comes in red.


From CB2, the Eclipse Pendant Light, $29.95. Does not come in red, but would be easy to spray paint. However, I think it’s too small.



From IKEA, the SEPTIM, $24.99. (I hate how everything there is in all caps.) Like this one, also easily spary paintable.

So, what do you think? Should I go for a chandlier, or just something simple? And which one of these do you like?


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