Top Design, week 4. Garage sale Bonanza (spoilers)

OK, can we just finish the show already, because Goil is obviously going to win. Yes, some of the other designers are good, but Goil is the only one who’s doing anything new.

Anyways, I love garage sales/used furniture. T. and I only have one piece of furniture in our whole house that we’ve actually bought new. Yes, partially because that’s what we can afford, but also because you can just get stuff that’s so much cooler. So I was so down for the designers to get out of PDC/chain stores and get some interesting furniture. And let me just say, man I need to go to LA just to go garage sale shopping, because they found amazing things. People don’t sell that kinda cool shit at garage sales here in Oakland.

Kelly Wearstler’s hair rocked my world tonight.


Why does Michael keep wearing my American Apparel zippie?

Loved Carisa’s room, and love her, so I’m glad she won.

They totally should have kicked out Ryan “I’m a real artist and way too cool for anyone else.” Yes, Felicia’s room was not that great, but come one, Ryan built a crazy cage around the bed. Scary.

Honestly, I don’t have that much to say about the episode tonight. But I’m really tired, so I’ll watch again when I wake up and see if I’m inspired. Thank God for Tivo.


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