new faucet excellence

My dad came over today and helped us install a new faucet for our kitchen sink. It is amazing. Here is the old faucet:

old faucet3

See how low it was? It made it extremely difficult to wash large pots, or do something like fill the teakettle if there were any dishes in the sink. Now check out the new one:

new faucet 2

We bought it at the Home Depot for about $40 (about 4 months ago) and I am in love with it. You can buy it here  (apparently it was actually $48.89.)

new faucet 1

It’s amazing how such a relatively small thing can make such a huge difference. Also, note the handles – easy to turn on and off if say, your hands are covered in raw meat. Have I said that it’s amazing? Yay!


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