One of my best friends is getting married in six weeks, and I’m one of her two bridesmaids. We have the dresses (not matching, but similar colors) but still need all of accessories (shoes, wraps, jewelry, which will be matching.) We’re thinking about long earrings as the main jewelery, so I’ve been trolling etsy lately looking for something that would work. The color palate for the wedding is burgundy and green, so we’re going for something in one of those. These are some of our top contenders so far:

apple drops

Green apple drops, from Saba Jewelry, $40

dark garnet

Dark Garnet Earrings from Jewelry by Elizabeth Scott, $23

willow branch

Willow Branch Earrings (oxidized) also from Jewelry by Elizabeth Scott, $19. (these also come unoxidized)

Favorites anyone?


One thought on “Earrings

  1. The green ones. This is the funnest web site!! I am enjoying every page so much!!

    The roommates you have had made me laugh out loud…I howled!! I will one day share my my memories of roommates past; and, yes, looking back, it WAS all terribly funny!

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