Self-described “stay at home Ma” Dawn from Look What I Can Do makes the most amazing stuffed animals called love=creatures. I mean really, how cute are these? Even better, each one comes with its own backstory and personality (example: Dia loves to stay up late working on crafts. She loses herself in her work and just forgets the hour. So…she sleeps in a lot. She is an artist so her schedule is unique.) You can get your own love=creature through Dawn’s etsy shop or Orange Button, as well as several Seattle area stores. Click here for more information.


(front) Dia the Jack Rabbit, $33.


Arnborg the Robin, $30


2 thoughts on “love=creatures

  1. I l-o-v-e the little pigs!!!!! I don’t know about cards or onesies but (shameless plug) we do make kid’s sets. We started making them 19 (yikes!) years ago for our own kids. They’re made by hand, one at a time, and are unique, I think.
    So glad i found your blog.

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