mmmm . . . Meat

I love meat a lot, probably because I spent several years being both a vegetarian and vegan (at separate times, obviously.) Or wait, maybe I’m not either one anymore because I love meat so much. Anyways, meat is not just for eating anymore, it’s also for decorating with. See below.


Dead Meat card, $4, from Maybe You Should Die


Meat Pillow, $25, from Zaenna

meat clock


Miracle Meat Wall Clock, $25, from Mike Geno


meat painting

Also from Mike Geno, Pork Chops print, $20. Or buy the original painting for $1000.



One thought on “mmmm . . . Meat

  1. Remember when Beth and I decorated our apartment in Meyerhoff with meat photos from an old 70s recipe book? Man, we were so ahead of out time…

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