Nikki McClure

I love the papercutting work of Olympia-based artist Nikki McClure. There’s something about her work that reminds me of the past and of childhood – honest work done with the hands, a deep connection between people and the land, the village as a family idea. sells sets of posters of McClure’s paper cuts, at the amazing price of six 14″x18″ posters for $24.95. Buyolympia also carry other creations of McClure’s, including children’s books and notecards. You can see the whole collection here. Below are some of my favorite posters.





2 thoughts on “Nikki McClure

  1. Nikki’s papercuttings are very contemporary, but paper cutting as a form of art has a lot of historial and folk tradition behind it. I’m a little familiar with the cuttings of Pennsylvania Dutch / Amish communities near Lancaster, PA, but there are traditions around the world in both Western and Eastern cultures. There’s even a Guild of American Papercutters at .

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