Oh man, well we had quite a weekend, but things are settling down now. My mom’s surgeon decided not to do the surgery, because she thought doing it would make the recovery longer and more painful, and that she’ll probably heal fine on her own. (some background: 6 years ago my mom broke her other leg in the exact same way, except worse. It required a lot of surgery and metal plates and pins and a lot of recovery and was very very bad. Which is why we were so worried when it seemed it had happened again.) So she came home last night, and is learning to get around in a wheelchair again and deal with the pain. So I’m going to be spending a whole ton of time over there for the next few months until she’s back on her feet, my dad and I are working on syncing our work schedules so that one of us can be at the house with her for most of the day (luckily my dad works from home a lot and I live 5 minutes away from my parents and am only working 15-20 hours a week currently, so this will be relatively easy.) The worst seems to be over though! Thanks for the good thoughts.

Also – my computer is back! Yay!


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