Lisa Solomon – the lecture

So, the Lisa Solomon lecture was great. I brought my camera to take a picture but when I got there I realized the battery was dead. Mmm hmmm. Anyways.

I love to hear artists talk about their work, and Lisa did not disappoint. She showed slides of her work starting with the post undergrad work that she used to get into grad school (which she did at Mills College, my alma mater) and going up to her current work. It was great to both see and hear her talk about the evolution her work has gone through over the years and the thought processes behind it. She also spoke about all of the research that goes into her work, and the time she spends researching images and processes and meanings. And the relationship between art and craft in her work and in the art world in general, and craftful art and artful craft. A lot about the dichotomies in her work – feminine/masculine, control/lack of control, and again art/craft. And about her current work, and how she’s working with and exploring memory and history in non-human objects, like furniture. I could go on and on, but I’ll probably get some stuff wrong (if I haven’t already) so I’ll just end it with saying it was amazing and inspiring and gave me a lot to think about. Just the way that good are should.


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