Ok, I promise that I’ll eventually stop talking about how great the weather is, but really, it’s amazing. I love the East Coast, but days like today make me so happy that I moved back to California. Also, I love day light savings time, because it has given us the most beautiful evenings. But I’m especially loving two things about spring right now.

Number 1, the plant that I pretty much killed last winter has come back to life:

spring plant

And Number 2, now we can start taking this thing out again:



(Our 1963 Corvair convertible, otherwise known as “that piece of crap.” Cleans up real nice from the outside though. The other cars aren’t ours)


One thought on “Spring!

  1. wow…that car is so hot. i’m kinda filled with jealousy right now. my dream old car is a 1979 cadillac el dorado or an early 80s benz, both in creme color, thanks.

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