Lacey Volk’s plywood panels

Lacey Volk, the artist who did the large print over my mantle has some amazing new work up in her etsy shop. She’s started working with plywood, cutting down to different layers, both working with pattern and pushing and exploring the material. I love the way that the material is an intrinsic part of the work, per her description: “The argyle diamonds are cut at different depths, revealing a shifting woodgrain pattern and breaks in the wood – all of which was hidden just under the surface.”

I saw some pictures of these pieces while they were still in progress a month or two ago, and am thrilled that she’s finished a few because I think that they’re just stunning. Right now she only has a few up in her shop, but promises that more will be coming soon, including some larger pieces.


Rorschach Owls


Distressed Argyle

argyle Detail

Distressed Argyle – detail



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