Brocade home and my home

While browsing through Brocade Home’s new on-line store I came across this lovely asymmetrical tufted chaise, which looked sort of familiar.

asymmetical chaise

It took me a minute to realize why, and then I got it. It looks kind of like an angular version of the one sitting in my dining room (this was a particularly bright moment on my part.) This originally belonged to T’s great-grandmother, we got it from T.’s mom when we were visiting her over the holidays, and it’s been sitting in the corner of the dining room ever since. The dining room is really not the right place for it, but I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet. It’s not incredibly comfortable, but it is pretty darn cute. I’m thinking of getting it reupholstered in something great and bright – possibly that spring green color I’m loving so much right now?

our asymmetical chaise




4 thoughts on “Brocade home and my home

  1. hey tay! The bedroom and bathroom are so not ready for pictures yet, but they will be soon. One of those rooms is going to get painted this weekend if it kills me.

  2. that is such a strange piece of furniture. it looks so small in the photo… makes me wish you guys had a dog. best dog bed ever. (especially if it isn’t terribly comfortable for people to sit on…)

  3. It is really small and strange, but cool. I’ve never seen another piece of furniture like it. I feel like it should really go in a bedroom or dressing room – it would be perfect for putting clothes on or sitting on to put shoes your on, something like that. Alas, I have an amazing chair in the bedroom already.

    You’re right Lacey, It would make an amazing dog bed, now if we could only get our landlord to let us have a dog . . .

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