Anthropologie Sale

I love the Home Decor section at Anthropologie, but it’s just too expensive for me most of the time. So I really love when things go on sale. Here are some of my current favorites:

solar tray

Solar Eclipse Serving Tray, $49.95 (down from $150)

matte gold bowlshiny gold bowl

Handheld tea bowls, matte or shiny, $14.95 each (down from $28)

coulis plates

coulis dessert plates, $29.95 for set of four (down from $56)

thousand hill throw

Thousand hills throw, $59.95 (down from $118)

active imagination cupactive imagination cup2

active imagination mugs, $3.95 each (down from $10)

verdant shower curtain

verdant shower curtain, $39.95 (down from $78)

keinu rocker

keinu rocker, $2,399.95 (down from $3,998)

OK, I realized this last one isn’t affordable by any stretch of the imagination, but if I had a baby and $2400, I would totally buy this.


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