Tote bags!

I really love a good tote bag. They’re maybe one of the most useful things in the world, transitioning from the beach to the farmer’s market to school to a diaper bag to shopping. I have a huge amount of them, because they also tend to be cheap. And did I say useful? I recently bought a great one at IKEA (which of course, I can’t find on their website, but man do I love that place) and it put me right back in the mood.

ikea tote

My new IKEA tote (don’t know the name, but it was about $5, I think)


Deer tote bag from We Are Industry,$12


Multi color Agapanthus flower canvas tote from Ching’s Tote Shop, $10


Loop Bi-Polar Tote from Urban Outfitters, $19.99

spunky sprout

Spunky Sprout handbag from supastarr, $30


button tote sylloda from Lotta Jansdottor, $16



A colorful take on an old classic, Grosgain ribbon tote from LL Bean, $32 for medium


Here’s my LL Bean tote, which I’ve had for years and use all the time. I like to think that the person who monogrammed it laughed when they saw what I wanted it to say. It’s the extra large classic boat and tote bag, $32 plus $5 for monogramming.


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