Striped table

I saw this table from Anthropologie and fell totally in love. It is way out of my price range, but has totally inspired me to totally change what I’ve got going on in my dining room. This dining room project is going to be a long time in the making (check back for pictures in late June I’d say) but the first step is selling my current MCM dining room table and chairs. It’s a really really great set, just not working with my vision right now. But it is the featured listing on AT:SF’s scavenger today!

striped table


Melody Striped Dining Table, $1,298


3 thoughts on “Striped table

  1. i may be way off on this one, but you should check out the last apartment featured in the new domino. it’s very 70s-groovy-trustfunder-acid-trip-travels-to-asia-a-lot-glamorous. though it’s not my style at all, i am really, really into it. and you could definitely take a few notes from the chick’s smart use of color.

    can’t wait for pics, yo.

  2. I’ll def. go check it out. (I feel like I used to have a subscription to Domino, but haven’t seen it in a while so need to look into what happened to that.) Unfortunately my house can not be as crazy as I would like it to be, because after having a practically neon turquoise/blue bedroom in my last apt T. has banned me from super bright wall colors (red foyer was an exception) in this one. I’m learning the art of restraint.

  3. green ladybugs « A Browner Brown

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