Excuses, excuses

So, my posting has been light over the last few days, and is going to be light for a few more, so I’m going to have you ask you to hang in there with me people. The main reason: one of my very best friends in the world, who’ve I’ve known since I was six, is getting married in a little over a week (April 7th.) Not only am I a bridesmaid (one of two) but my dad is performing the ceremony ( he’s a Universal Life Church minister) the reception is at my parents’ house, and the “after party” is at T.’s and my house. So on top of running around getting my outfit together (my dress arrived this morning, I have to run out after work tonight to take it in for alterations, and then go to the tanning salon) I’m helping my still wheelchair-bound mom clean/organize her house, and having to get my house together, which right now involves trying to sell a lot of furniture on Craigslist, because our hallway has become a storage place for extra furniture over the last few months and it finally needs to go so that I can fit 25-30 people in here for some good old fashioned partying after the reception.

Tired yet?

So, please excuse my partial absences. There will be some exciting things coming up on A Browner Brown soon though – this Sunday a trip to the Alameda Flea Market that I’ll post pictures of, next weekend the wedding, and the weekend after that a trip to LA where my friend Claire and I will be scouring some of LA’s best home design stores and posting the results. But for now, I’m off to work!


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