The dress

So, posting has been light because preparations for my friend L.’s wedding this Saturday have been happening hard core over here. There is so much that still needs to be done around my house to prepare for this after-party on Saturday. But the good news is I picked up my bridesmaid dress yesterday from the seamstress, and it fits me perfectly and I love it, which seems to be pretty unusual – bridesmaids loving their dresses. It still needs to be ironed, but hey, that’s just a detail.

green dress

(it’s tea length and olive green and a really great party dress. I can’t wait to wear it.)


2 thoughts on “The dress

  1. that is BEAUTIFUL. i have been lucky with bridesmaids dresses too — at my sister’s wedding, we wore saris, which was very cool (her fiance’s family is from india). i love your green dress –have a wonderful time at the wedding, and congrats to your friends!

  2. that is a great dress, and it’s always best when you can reuse bridesmaid dresses for parties and other occasions.

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