Public Service: a note about California

So, when driving up the 5 from LA an idea came to me, an idea that I needed to do a public service announcement to help the people of California. When most people who aren’t from California think about California, they think about something like this:


When actually, most of California looks something like this:








Not all beaches people. So next time you meet someone from California, please don’t ask them one of the following questions:

1) have you ever seen snow before?
2) do you know how to surf?
3) did you used to surf to school?
4) do you live on the beach?
5) do you know any famous people?

You might be laughing, but all of those are questions I have been asked multiple times by non-Californians when I’ve been outside of California. The first winter I spent on the East Coast I must have had ten people come up to me during the first hour of snow saying “you must be so excited to see snow for the first time!” Um . . . no. But enough of that.

While I’m in public service mode, if you ever drive down the 5 between San Francisco and LA, make sure to stop here for food:

apricot tree

It is amazing. Lets just say apricot everything. And you will thank me, because it’s pretty much all there is on that long, long road that is not fast food.


3 thoughts on “Public Service: a note about California

  1. My husband and I went to California for our honeymoon last May. We stayed in Sonoma, but drove all over. I loved the wine country and the hills. I live in OHIO,….so it was alot different for me. I loved it. One of my favorite things, was how there was roses growing everywhere. Here we just have weeds. :( Sorry that people always ask you stupid questions.

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