Bedroom paint!

Well, the bedroom is almost finished being painted, and definitely will be done by the end of today. I love the color, and so does T., which is pretty amazing, that we could agree on a color. This photo almost gets it, it’s gold with some green, almost a sort of pale-ish mustard. (details: Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Pear, BM-389, in Aura eggshell finish) I’m about to head off to work, and when I get home we’ll finish painting and start hanging/organizing. Yay!

bedroom paint


3 thoughts on “Bedroom paint!

  1. Your bedroom looks so lovely. I am struggling to decorate my own — I really like greens and I fantasize about green walls, but as I am renter I’m thinking a green duvet cover is the go. Unfortunately, I have looked everywhere for a deep, calming green cover but everything is either too severe (masculine stripes and solids) or too dainty (floral and light). As much as I love your bedroom, I need a dark place to sleep. I think I may be the only person who wants a bedroom like a cozy cave…

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