Dream House

I, like a lot of people, have a dream house. Mine is not something in my head, but a real house that sits boarded up on the side of Highway One between Bolinas and Olema in West Marin. It’s been boarded up for as long as I can remember, and I’m pretty sure either the state or the county owns it, which also makes me pretty sure that it would be impossible for me to ever buy it, even if I could afford it. I’m sure it’s trashed inside, from being abandoned for so long, but can’t you imagine how wonderful it would be if you expanded the porch a little, put a new coat of paint on it, and a chicken coop and laundry line in the back? Sort of like a little piece of heaven. Almost every time we’re down in West Marin I drive out there and stare at it.







(sorry for the blurry spots on the pictures, it was raining when I took them)

anyone else have a dream house – real or fictional?


3 thoughts on “Dream House

  1. oh, i love this house too! i’ve oogled it a few times as well…add a warm pie or loaf of bread sitting in one of those windows and you’ve got it made. fingers crossed that my dream house becomes reality…gulp.

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