Point Reyes Station

T. and I spent all weekend out in West Marin, staying at my grandparent’s place in Stinson Beach, which is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Saturday was cold and rainy, so we decided to take a drive over to Point Reyes Station, a very cool little town with an awesome restaurant, Rosie’s Cowboy Cookhouse. Their vaquero chili is one of both mine and T.’s favorite foods in the entire world, and the perfect thing on a cold rainy day like Saturday.



After eating we walked around Point Reyes Station for a while, stopping into Toby’s Feedbarn to pick up some food and browse the art and knick-knacks. Toby’s is host to one of the greatest ever farmer’s markets – all local and all organic – that runs the end of June through the start of November.


We then stumbled across a store that I don’t think I’ve ever been in, even though I would have sworn I’ve been in every store in Point Reyes Station (it’s a very very small town.) Zuma has great inventory and amazingly affordable prices. I got this great paper lamp shade for only $9.50.


Afterwards we decided to drive out to the lighthouse at the actual Point (about 20 miles away) and despite the rain the drive was beautiful, and featured a lot of cows, including this one, which was on the car side of the fence, but seemed pretty happy just hanging out.


Unfortunately when we got to the lighthouse, it looked like this. After walking about 100 yards up the hill, my sandle-clad feet were freezing, and we headed back to the car.


On our way back to town we stopped by Manka’s Inverness Lodge, which used to house one of the most amazing restaurants in the world. The main lodge and restaurant were destroyed by a fire just after Christmas last year. T. and I went there last summer for our anniversary, and couldn’t wait to go back again to experience a menu that was both incredible and incredibly local. They’re planning on rebuilding and reopening, but it was pretty awful to see what was left of such a magical place.



Tomorrow: kite flying on Sunday, and a final post from LA two weekends ago (can you tell I’m a little swamped around here?)


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