Kites and horned melons

The end of the weekend wrap-up: The rain went away over night, and by the time we woke up on Sunday the sun was shining. We took a walk down to the Parkside for brunch, and on the way ran into this awesome Thuderbird for sale. If I had $10,000 I would totally buy it.


After brunch the beach was beautiful, but windy, which seemed like ideal kite flying weather. Well, T. and I spent a lot of time with the kite like this:


But after a lot of work finally had some success:

kite 1

We also ate the coolest fruit ever, a horned melon. We had heard it tasted like a mix of cucumber and kiwi and it was true! Awesome combination – it was delicious. I highly recommend trying one if you get the chance.

horned melon

horned melon2

We then had the perfect end to a great weekend – watching the sunset while we drove over the hill back to Oakland:



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