I have been working on painting my bathroom since we moved into this apartment in July. I don’t even want to think about how much money and time I’ve spent at this point on this, the smallest room in the house. Here are my current color swatches, and yes, I’ve now gone from yellow, to green, to blue. And yes, I’m a little crazy when it comes to paint. But I think I’ve picked one (again) but I won’t tell you which one yet, because I don’t want to jinx myself (not really sure how this would jinx me, but I’m just not going to take the chance.)

Any favorites out there?

blue swatches

Note: like always, the color on my computer is a little off from how it looks on the walls. Who knows how it looks on your computer. The green, however, is getting some of it’s annoying neon-quality across.


8 thoughts on “Bathroom

  1. Oh, I like the blue on the top best I think. It looks like sort of a robin’s egg blue. I am sure I like it b/c it is similar to what I painted my kitchen…but it works, its interesting without being too loud, and quiet enough to still be soothing. Your green color—it looks like sort of a lime on my screen—I love the color, but can you imagine putting make-up on with that green reflecting everywhere? Oh my! Good luck painting:)

  2. below the towel rack on the right. it’s a bold color, but totally works for a bathroom, which shouldn’t be tooooooooooo bright (i.e. no neon green).

  3. The top one on the right. It gives off the appropriate spa feeling for a bathroom. Go ahead, take a chance, and then give the color two weeks to make you love it.

  4. No comments on the color, but a suggestion. The best way to try a color is to put it on a wall alone and not with other colors to compete with your eyes. A great solution is to use those canvas boards from the art store. They are cheap and you can buy them fairly large. The other great thing is that they can be repainted so if you buy a few you can use them throughout your home.

    Just my two cents,


  5. I personally like the blue on the upper right. George may be right. My mother-in-law has a frame shop and anytime I need to test a color she gives some matt board scraps (approximately 1′ x 1′). The backs are white and I paint those. Also handy for carrying around to fabric stores. Anyway, you might call a local framer to see if they have any scraps to give away. Just an idea. Your blog is fun.

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