Growing Out My Bangs

So, this is not something I would normally post, but I saw a show last night that was so amazing that I feel that I have to tell everyone I know about it. If you live in the Bay Area then you must go see it, if you don’t live in the Bay Area tell everyone you know who does to come see it and consider visiting so you can see it yourself.

Growing Out My Bangs is one of the best, bravest, funniest, most honest shows I have ever seen. It literally knocked my off my feet. And I’m really not a theatre person at all, so the fact that I’m saying this really means something. Mel Aubert, the woman who both wrote and performs this one woman show, has really done something incredible here.

I highly recommend you go see this show. Because it’s amazing and because I truly believe in supporting independent artists. “Growing Out My Bangs” is playing Thursday-Sunday from now until May 20th at the Phoenix Theatre.

Buy tickets here.



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