T. and I had a great day today – a lazy morning sleeping in, a walk down to the farmers’ market to stock up on produce for the week, the afternoon over at my aunt and uncle’s for Cinco de Mayo (my aunt is Mexican, and cooked up some pretty awesome food for the occasion) where we got to hang out with my little cousin Gabe, then a short evening walk with friends over to the movie theater to see Hot Fuzz (very funny) before coming home and hanging out with some tequila and corona. Yes, we live within walking distance of a farmer’s market and a movie theater, along with a whole bunch of other things – I really love our neighborhood. Tomorrow morning is the Alameda Flea Market, so all in all it’s looking to be a pretty awesome weekend. But here are some photos from today:

farmer’s market

perfect weather


there were cherries everywhere today


I *heart* produce


my cousin Gabe learned how to “cheers”

gabe dad

Gabe and my dad (his uncle)

gabe mom

Gabe giving his aunt (my mom) a taste of his beans

gabe lilia mom

My mom (still on crutches!,) my aunt and Gabe



on the rocks

on the rocks


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