commencement means beginning

My mom just stopped by and dropped of some peonies for me. They’re still closed super tight, but should open in the next few days. You can already tell that they’re going to be beautiful.

These were not completely random flowers – tomorrow morning I’m graduating from college. Except – I  turned in my thesis, wrote my last paper, went to my last class, took my last exam back and had my graduation party back in December. Because of this I didn’t think I was that excited for the ceremony tomorrow (my college only does one a year, which is why December grads come back in May to get their diplomas) but after going to rehearsal this morning I actually kind of am. I’m someone who really loves ceremony and tradition, and there’s nothing more full of ceremony and tradition than a graduation, especially when you go to a school that’s as old as the school I’m graduating from. So, please excuse my absence for the next few days – I’ll be celebrating.



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