this is where I will apparently not be spending my summer

I was browsing for books on Amazon today because it’s summer, and reading is what I do in the summer. More specifically, reading outside while getting partially tan is what I do in the summer, while wearing lots of loose cotton summery clothes. And then all of the sudden I realized – I have to work this summer. Not that I haven’t worked every summer of my life since I’ve been a teenager (well, OK, except last summer, which I spent trying to write my thesis) but I mean, now I have a real job. One where I have to be in an office from 9am-5pm every day. Wearing work clothes. With no window.

It’s not nannying or working in the office at the swimming pool, where I can spend time sitting in the sun with a book and my pants hiked up giving myself really tan lower legs. I have worked pretty much continuously since I was about 14 – part time, full time, offices, childcare, the college newspaper, etc. Even when I’ve worked full time it’s usually been spread out between a series of part time jobs, giving me big breaks in my days and a flexible schedule. My current job is the first time I’ve ever had a job that actually required me to be inside for the same eight hours of the day, five days a week. In the summer. The summer, the time of year that is specifically designed to be experienced outside.

I was just thinking today that I actually like my job, and then just now, I realized it’s about to get in the way of summer, and now I’m a little less sure. Is the fact that I would get summers off the wrong reason to become a teacher?

Also – why didn’t anyone tell me this was the downside from graduating from college? The whole office job thing was great through the end of winter, and even through the spring. No homework was especially great. But no summer? Really?


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