Interview + updates

Some updates:

wool fauna

Wool Fauna, screenprinting and hand painting, acid dye, wool flannel, 5’x8′

  • Miranda July is just as cute in person as you think she would be, however, the reading was packed to the gills with hipsters, there to pay homage to their queen (the crowd was standing-room only flowing out onto the sidewalk.) I slipped out after the second story fearing I might pass out from the heat inside, but everything I heard was good. I hear from friends that her reading in LA the night before was similarly crowded but good. I totally recommend you go if she’s coming to a town near you, check out her tour schedule. Wear shorts and a tank top though, even if you’re in Seattle. I can’t wait to get my hands on and then read the book.
  • I realized I’m behind on posts, life has been crazy, but I promise Sketch Tuesday coverage will go up this evening!

2 thoughts on “Interview + updates

  1. Yeah, I had a friend who got there early and saved me a spot near the front. And even when I got there it was crowded but not insane. And then it got insane, and then we left.

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