bathroom paint = done!

bathroom enter

I finally finished painting the bathroom, for the third and LAST time. I decided that even if I hated the color it was staying, because there was not way that this bathroom was getting painted a fourth time (remember, we rent.) Luckily, I love it. It’s very clean and fresh feeling, which is what we were going for. The blue filtering through the white shower curtain is great and makes showering in a very relaxing experience. We went with two colors – a lighter blue above the chair rail (Benjamin Moore Ocean Breeze 2058-60 in Aura) and a darker one below (Pratt & Lambert Capri Grotto 25-7 in semi-gloss.) Our other option was two colors of turquoise, but T. liked this combo better and since I’ve made the vast majority of decorating decisions around here, I let him have this one. I’m not sure if the yellow towels are going to stay or be replaced (they’re really old and handed down from my mom, so it wouldn’t be completely frivolous to replace them.) but for now I actually kind of like the yellow with the blue. Art is the next step.

ps. the floor isn’t dirty – just really old and greyed. Any suggestions (scrubbing with bleach doesn’t help) to make it white again would be welcome.

Note: you may notice the color looks different in the top photo than it does in the bottom photo. The real color is somewhere in between these two.




12 thoughts on “bathroom paint = done!

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I am in the process of painting my house. I painted my 2nd bathroom with Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Sky (I think that what it is called). Anyway, very pale blue with a slight grey hue to it. I have pale vanilla tiles, so it had be paired with another pale colour – not my choice, it was in the house. I normally don’t favour light blue but in this case, the combination is striking. I must say that your bathrooms looks absolutely great! You are right, blue has a fresh feel to it.

  2. You paint a LOT! Any tips on tools or anything else to make it easier or more fun? I live by myself and started with one closet to kind of give me some courage, but it was so hard! I went back to the store and got a new roller for the second coat and it was a lot easier, but still sucked!

  3. I do paint a lot, and have learned a lot of tricks along the way. I’ll write a painting tutorial/tips post sometime this week to share with everyone. My methods slightly different than tips you’d usually get (no tape, generally no drop cloths, to give you an idea) but I think I’ve figured out an easy way to get good results. thanks for the idea!

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