This past weekend’s Chronicle featured a story by the lovely Anh-Minh on renters who improve their spaces. She was nice enough to interview me for it, and managed to make me not sound like a blathering idiot, a mark of a very good journalist indeed. There are also pictures of Maggie’s (of Mighty Girl) baby’s nursery, which is adorable. Check it out.

*note – the interview was done many months ago, in the window between when I graduated and when I got a job. Unfortunately, my days are no longer spent working on my house.

Also, I may be slightly absent over the next week or so, as my friend Ben is flying in from the East Coast tomorrow to hang out for a week. Besides hanging out, he’s going to be giving me photo lessons (he was a photography major when we went to art school together) so hopefully you all will start seeing better quality pictures around here soon.

To make up for it, I’ve updated my blogroll (in the right hand column.) So check out some of the fabulous blogs that I read every day.

I’m also going to be taking a few extra days off of work after Ben leaves so that I can finish some projects around the house that have been languishing. One project I’ve already started on is re-arranging the dining room with new (old) furniture. Check out my latest Craigslist aquisition, this vintage industrial feeling green metal drawer unit:

green cart

It’s going to hold all of my office supplies – you can already see my printer tucked away on the bottom shelf down there.  The size really doesn’t come through, but those two drawers are going to hold a ton of stuff. Exactly what I needed – another space to fill up with stuff.


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