Rose and Radish & Wexford Girl

Yesterday after work Annie of Wexford Girl and I met up to check out Rose and Radish’s new store theme last night – tea time. It was super adorable, and I picked up a few little things for a high tea baby shower I’m throwing next month. Unfortunately they don’t allow photos in the store, but you can get an idea here of what they’re carrying right now (also, a heads up – they have a MUCH larger selection on their website – the store is amazing but super tiny.) We did hear about their next two themes, and it all sounds very exciting. Annie and I then went and hung out at Jade – and had a blast. The drinks were great, and we happened to hit happy hour so they were also incredibly cheap, and the appetizers were excellent as well. It was one of those evenings where the conversation never stops, lots of talk about art, how going to the gym and blogging are alike, about the joys and the (possible) dangers of blogging. By the end of the evening we were both starting to get hoarse from talking so much. Look for my interview with Annie later this week over at 2Modern Design Talk, and for a longer post about some of the great new products from Rose and Radish tonight.

Annie Galvin

Annie holding peonies from Rose and Radish – they were super nice and GAVE them to me because they were ‘too old’ to sell.


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