an interview & miscellany

Sorry for the continuing lack of posts – I’ve been having some internet issues and T.’s been kind of sick (nothing too serious, but just requiring a little TLC.) I have a backlog a million miles long, and will hopefully catch up over the next few days and then get back to a regular schedule. Annie and I talked the other night about how blogging is like going to the gym – when you do it regularly it’s the best thing ever, miss a few days and you’re totally off track (we also came up with at least three other things that were like going to the gym, but I can’t remember any of them now.) But I’m getting back on track with the blogging – and maybe with the gym too.

And speaking of Annie, go read my interview with her over at 2Modern Design Talk. It was a blast to do.

While I haven’t been writing much, I have been keeping up on my blog reading, below is a list of just a few good things going on around the web right now:

Also, remember how my friend Ben came out to give me photo lessons? On his last night here we stayed up all night and at around 6am decided to go outside and take some super long exposures using the tripod I had borrowed from my parents earlier that night. This was by far the best one – a Ben/Elizabeth hybrid:


we are not so attractive when morphed together


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