green ladybugs

I stopped by my favorite local fabric store this afternoon while running errands and picked up a yard of some great Etsuko Furuya fabric. I’ve been looking for something to reupholster my dining room chairs in for a while, and am thinking this could be the one.

new chair fabric


I’m not positive that it goes with my new dining room vision, but I’m sure I’ll use it for something else if it doesn’t (although I need another random yard of cute fabric like a hole in the head.) Maybe I’ll take a page out of Shiso Mama’s book and attempt a bulletin board.

second image from Purl Soho


7 thoughts on “green ladybugs

  1. I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but the Purl storefronts are so great. (They’ve got one for knitting, then Purl Patchwork is a few doors down). Tiny spaces but I could’ve spent all day in there. You’ve gotta go next time you’re in NYC.

  2. salutations,
    love the fabric, however, think about a 50’s textured fabric or something perhaps a bit more forgiving -should one of your guests spill the red wine onto the chair. it would never land strategically onto the ladybug.
    the fabric could be for a table cloth or for napkins…. it looks like a perfect accessory.
    that’s my honest to goodness instinct speaking.
    pve design

  3. Yeah, I’m really loving this fabric and am almost committed. I’m not too concerned about possible wine/other spills, because the fabric is relatively cheap enough (at about $18/yard) that I can buy a few extra yards to keep in case of any huge accidents to potentially recover with. I also figure if I go with it I’ll scotch guard like crazy. We also currently have very light colored upholstery on most of the chairs, and they haven’t gotten stained at all, which makes me more confident.

    My main concern at this point is the fabric going with the other colors I want to use in this room . . . which is why I want to spend a little more time thinking through it before I invest in enough to cover all the chairs.

    Thanks for the comments everyone, I really appreciate them!

  4. That is an endearing fabric! I can’t wait to see it finished. Do you think you will post instructions on how you reupholster? I have been looking for some simple instructions for some of my own furniture.

  5. Yes, when I reupholster (which will hopefully be in the next few weeks – I went back and bought enough to do all of the chairs) I will post a tutorial (along with a painting tutorial, and some others I’ve been meaning to do . . .)

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